This photography business is a natural progression from a life, full of passion for extraordinary imagery and storytelling!

I’m able to manage special projects from simple product photos to dynamic, on location events.

You are guaranteed my personal service and we will spend time making sure you get the type of images you need and want.

I grew up in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley through the seventies and eighties (the Valley Girl era) but have lived and worked in San Diego since 1987.

I strive to find the beauty in all things and situations. Beauty is all around us every day and I don’t take it for granted. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Art. Go SDSU Aztecs!

My art and journalism background give me advantages to find, capture and tell the story behind the photography in an impactful way. I am a Marketing and Advertising Director and have been for the last 26 years giving me a pulse on marketability and popular imagery that needs to tell a story, quickly.

I have nine years of experience with commercial stock photography with clients ranging from Kodak, Trip Advisor, Thought Catalog,, AARP, The Weather Channel, Dandelion Chandelier, NBC,, Lyft and Hulu. My father, who’s name is Tiger Andrews, was an actor through much of the 20th century and an artist. He instilled a lifelong passion for film and commercials, music, art, advertising and photography. My name on social media is TonyTheTigersSon for this very reason.

I pay attention to details and spend hours in post production to make sure you have the images you seek for the purposes you want.

Every picture is an opportunity to create a unique work of art by capturing the hard to get, fleeting moments in time. I’m dedicated to excellent customer service because I put a premium value on providing pictures my clients want! Photography is awesome! I want you to love your pictures. I want you to look back on them with great love and affection for that time in your life. That is a great reward for me and something that drives me.

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